Sunday, 3 October 2010

This is what I endure

An account from our roving reporter

After another long day Kearney now well renowned as the “Thief of Carcans” (after stealing a sprint win yesterday) attempted another “sly manoeuvre”. Seeing what he thought was the finish point he put in his bid for honour and off he went over the finish line………………………..meanwhile Smith turned right to complete the final 3k to the finish (and victory).

Kearney was last seen entering Bordeaux at high speed.

So what does that tell us dear reader – well Kearney shot his bolt all too soon while Smith maintained rhythm until the finish.

Coincidentally our Irish correspondent happened to be in the area at the same time and states Smith started his sprint early and assuming victory was his sat up. Unfortunately for him Kearney was flying up the outside and took him on the line at which point Smith turned off and Kearney carried on down the road for a short distance. Smith then proceeded to sprint to every gatepost claiming victory as he went ignoring the fact that the days riding was done and Kearney had entered the cool down phase for the day.

Editorial comment
So dear reader you now can understand the stress and anguish I go through each day. I would emphasise that there should be a video to explain the drama but due to language used this cannot be included.


  1. is that a swimming pool i see? where are the mountains!!! i have just walked YOUR dog for 2 hrs and i swear we saw more hills than you and Kearney have climbed!!! have a good night and hope swanny recovers soon. lots of love xxxx

  2. You think you have it hard, we're STILL training!!!

    Glad it's going well, see you soon :)

  3. Looks like really hard graft, all that sun and sea. Hope the fruit cake is up to standard.
    Jenny L


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