Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Day 11 - Wednesday 6 October

Col du Tourmalet

They did it.

No words necessary but just a small sample of 144 taken today. I will try to upload more in due course but they are taking for ever today.

It was a glorious day in perfectly clear weather ~ I believe they’d both come up smelling of roses if they fell in a cesspit!!


  1. Yay, a mountain at last but what a mountain you chose!! well done boys proud of you both and well done to swanny for the providing the back up. hope you all celebrating in style tonight. Andy do us al a favour, take predictive text off your phone as basically your're crap!! well done again lots of love A K ND T XXXX

  2. Well done!! And what stunning scenery.

  3. Am really impressed.

    The Captain.

  4. Well done. Great photo's and at last evidence of a bit of effort.
    Love to see Vince speeding down the mountain tomorrow......

  5. Daisy and Dylan think the mountain looks too wonderful but they are worried about you coming down as it might be dangerous! The photos are great. xx

  6. Well done, what an achievement, where next?



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