Friday, 8 October 2010

Day 13 – Friday 8 October

Deba to Gernika-Lumo – 30 miles

Strangely there was a certain lack of purpose about this final day of cycling in that there was no fixed finish point unlike the John O’Groats fiesta. They were determined to do some cycling in Spain as yesterdays 200 metres whilst technically counting was considered cheating. So having perused the Michelin Espâna map they decided on a ride along the coastal road from Deba, some 12 miles from last night’s camp.

From Deba the road hugged the coast climbing high but then arrived in the town Ondarroa ~ initial views showed a lovely harbour and beach but we then discovered the only way to get to our next stretch of coastal road was right through the middle of the main town. Horrendously busy with high rise apartment blocks and I got stuck behind an old cove in a wheelchair puffing a way on a gigantic cigar. He was barely moving and clearly had no intention to move out of the way so a crawl would have been quicker.

However once pass this horrible mess, the road climbed high to a plateau and then wound its way hugging the cliff edge for many miles. I think I actually went round 20 times the horseshoe bends I had on Tourmalet. Anyway they enjoyed their cycle in Spain although I found the road signs much easier to follow in France.

Now in our final campsite at Mundaka we are getting psyched for our cruise tomorrow across the bay.

When home I will put up more photos, especially of Tourmalet. And there will be a final blog sometime with our thoughts and reiterating our many thanks to all who have provided support whether in cakes, computers or just moral. It’s been a pleasure!


  1. Sounds a really good time is being had. When do you turn around and cycle back???

  2. Boat + Bay of Biscay + wind = Chunderful time.

    Safe trip back chaps

  3. Grand job guys - well done. Sounds like you all had a great time. So where next then? Shaz


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