Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Day 10 – Tuesday 5 October

Labenne Océan to Navarrenx (all van)
What a day of contrast from yesterday with the morning starting bright and clear as we enjoyed their rest day on the drive into the edge of the Pyrenees.

A leisurely morning coffee and then glimpses of the distant hills on the drive sent a quiver of excitement (or nerves) through the intrepid duo and it was in a state of mounting excitement we entered the delightful small town of Navarrenx which was to be base camp for the next two nights.

Arriving in the town at lunchtime we strolled around sampling the atmosphere and with the decision that my services as chauffer were no longer required for the day we decided to visit a bar for a beer! This turned into sampling the plate de jour at the princely sum of 11 euros each. We started with poached egg in a tomato/green bean sauce, followed by a cauliflower cheese gratin with slices of pork and a dessert of an unset chilled crème brulee and cheese. The meal was accompanied by a bottle of house red and coffee in little cups which left Smith orgasmic!

This cycling trip is hard work ~ note to the doubting spouses NOT HOLIDAY!

Tomorrow however the Tourmalet climb – I’ll try for pictures of them actually doing something.


  1. More amazing pictures!!!! Guess thoughts of the next holiday-trip are in progress........??????!!!!!!

  2. still don;t see any mountains!!! lunch sounded nice though, loved the picture you sent andy of your gorgeous lunch companion, the cute spaniel that is not vince or swanny!! good luck for tomorrow's ride, maybe you could change the tour title to "tomorrow we see mountains"! keep peddling love you lots xxxx


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