Saturday, 2 October 2010

Day 7 - Saturday 2 October

Montalivet-les-Bains to Lège-Cap-Ferret (51 miles)

A bright sunrise but then just after they started cycling at 9 a few spots of rain turned briefly heavier whilst they continued for some 18 miles until approaching the small town of Carcans when the sun suddenly broke through and the day turned magical and warm with a maximum in the afternoon of a hot 86F. The early cycling had again been on flat roads through forests with occasional glimpses of groups of locals clearly hunting and mindful of the ever present rain (or perhaps the locals) they cycled faster than Alberto Contador on steroids.

Having enjoyed a coffee at a bar in Carcans they cycled for another 32 odd miles in increasing heat until reaching the town of Lège-Cap-Ferret when the roads became too busy with locals making for the dunes and sea at Cap Ferret. This is pretty special so I am loading photos of this separately.

Now I understand there are some who do not believe the lads should be enjoying a “holiday” but doing more cycling. However I think all must bear in mind that it’s my holiday too and they had to keep me company on the beach in case I got lost. I would understand if people back home considered it inappropriate to include pictures of warm sunny weather in October but ………………….tough.

Half six in the evening and it’s still in the mid 80’s and the lads have gone to the pool for a dip.


  1. morning campers, have just returned from walking Oscar on a very wet and windy sunday morning and thought would check out the blod whilst sipping th ecoffee i have made to warm up,how thrilled was i to read about your beach trip and a dip in the pool and weather i the high 80's!!! when you told me about this cycling "event you showed me pictures of steep mountain climbs etc, where have they disaapeared too!!! all good at home, house quiet and tidy! i'm still not sure if i'm doing this comment thing right as i never seem to see my comments!!! have a good ride love you lots and proud of you, despite the beach trips and high temperatures!!! xxxx

  2. OK now I'm really jeolous.. sunshine, sand, sea.
    Spent today driving Mrs B back from a Micky Bubble concert at Wembley. Poured down all the way home. Good news Liverpool 1 Blackpool 2 and the Rider cup is going well.
    You all look horribly healthy and happy...swines
    Keep on keeping on.

  3. Andy, we have a beach like that just 10 minutes from us. Sand dunes and all!!! Looks like you had lovely weather though. Shaz


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