Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Day 9 - Monday 4 October

Saint Julien-en-Born to Messanges (25 miles)

Well serves us right for crowing about the weather as last night turned wet and windy. When you’re parked up on top of a hill surrounded by giant pine trees creaking and groaning it doesn’t do too much to aid sleep ~ at least I think it was the trees and not the pair downstairs.

So after driving the 50 miles back to the vicinity where we finished yesterday, they set off in rain and a very strong gusty wind hitting them side-on. In my humble opinion they were completely barmy! After some 10 miles we paused for a coffee in the small town of St. Girons. Sadly the weather showed no sign of letting up but they insisted they would crack on based on the map showing cycle paths for much of the rest of today’s planned route. Unfortunately these did not materialise to be of benefit and after a further 15 miles of heavier rain and strengthening winds they decided to exercise common sense and rejoin the van.

Coincidentally when we were sat at the café there had been a siren sounded and we concluded that this may have been a warning in respect of the winds.

Strangely as we then drove the further 30 miles south to our projected campsite the winds dropped away until we approached the coast at Labenne Ocean. This was the location of our projected campsite but could we find it? Fortunately there was another site open which is a bit of a miracle at this time of year.

A game of boules was then enjoyed by Mr Competitive whilst Vince and myself tolerated his behaviour. As Vince would say it was the taking part that mattered.

Later we sought a place to eat out for a treat but driving around found absolutely nothing open. So back to the site and cooking in the dark pancetta, leek, mushrooms and pasta ~ but sadly little wine as Vince and I had miscalculated the amount left in the 5 litre box we’d started the evening before!

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  1. I'm surprised anyone could stand let alone ride a bike with all that wine you seemed to consume!!! Shaz


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