Monday, 27 September 2010

Our voyage to La Belle France

Well the day started fairly well – at least we caught the ferry having persuaded Vince that an early start was required as we didn’t want to just watch the boat disappear into the early morning sun. A smooth crossing with barely a ripple meant we arrived on time at 3 (proper UK time) but at 4 according to our continental brethren.
Then the day sadly degenerated to farce leading to many choruses of that well known ballad by Bonnie Tyler ~ all I can say is stuff modern technology and lets get back to paper maps! I mean it was a lovely day to be driving around and we did see some nice countryside but about 50 miles more than planned ~ actually 25 twice some of which was horrendous dual carriageway!
However when we finally arrived at our overnight destination the journey was to prove worthwhile with wine, one of Smith’s pasta creations and a gert big slice of Jenny’s fruit cake to dissipate our frustrations.
As to those earlier troubles – what goes on on tour stays on tour!!!!!!!

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