Monday, 27 September 2010

Day 2 : Langonnet to San Malo des 3 Fontaines (near Josselin) 63 miles

After a much needed sleep at our first base (many thanks to Steve and Geoff for the stunning accommodation in the village of Langonnet ~ sorry we drank all your wine) we set off in overcast conditions slightly later than planned due to us all experiencing a touch of oversleeping - nothing to do with said wine! One of the pictures shows the view from the front door.
The lads dashed away on the first stage of cycling going through the village of Plouray down past the smelliest poultry factory known to mankind ~ at least it was down hill so they didn’t have to breathe too much in! We progressed to a charming town called Guemene-sur-Scorff where we purchased baguettes and fabulous pain au chocolat. Memory plays tricks though as the town was much bigger than Vince remembered resulting in much healthy walking exercise for me ~ how I laughed! There was however a public toilette ~ words fail me to adequately describe that experience.
Then off we went through the delightful town of Pontivy where I again cursed the sat nav which had abandoned me in the middle of town ~ there was a fabulous town square though which I saw several times. (Andy claims I don’t speak lovingly enough to his toy ~ mind as I consider such things female nothing new there!)
After lunch in a charming lay-by just out of town, the lads swept on through the rolling French countryside despite a minor frustration in Josselin where a diversion onto a fast dual carriageway alarmed them somewhat and altered our finishing plans by a few miles.
I believe they had an enjoyable day in the saddle with Andy being so happy with his recently serviced bike he remarked that his thanks must be sent to Phil at work.
Oh and the impromptu sprint finish (Andy claims an element of deception) was “won” by Vince ~ Andy was too busy making friends with the village dog!


  1. Hi Andy

    I see now it was totally unnecessary to waste money on hotel rooms, you clearly don't need them. Undoubtedly Ray will just organise you some space in the car park where we are training next time. Make sure you save a bit of room for Brian too, he doesn't like snoring!!! Allez les Brits, Nic


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